1970 Supercharged Pontiac GTO With A Supercharger On Top Of A Supercharger! Now This Is GEARHEAD To The Bone!

We have seen various modified muscle cars and we can freely say it is never enough! We always crave for more! It`s always good to see what other car enthusiasts are up to, and some of them are really imaginative! Real mad scientists with infinite mad mechanical capabilities! However, each and every vehicle is a separate story for itself, no matter how much it resembles any other vehicle. Like the automobile featured in today`s video. It is a word of a 1970 Pontiac GTO with a 474ci motor. What is special about this car is the fact that this motor is supercharged. Not once, but twice! Yes, this car has a double blower! One hell of a mega supercharged Pontiac GTO, huh? The supercharger on top is an 8-71 and the one below it is a 6-71. On top of this tower of power lays a pair of 750 Holley supercharged carbs! Beneath these is an improved 2×4 Offy intake manifold!

This machine needs to be cooled down, therefore the owner has put a SuperChiller intercooler beneath them. The car`s front section is the first thing that strikes you, but you cannot neglect the paintjob and the interior as well. It is painted with a PPG Orange Glow on a silver base, whereas the interior is Allante Buckskin.

After taking a glimpse at this double supercharged Pontiac GTO, some of you may say, “It`s very cool, but it doesn`t get driven except for a couple of times on the track.” You would be dead wrong! The owner of this vehicle is constantly participating in various events where he drives over 2.000 miles per year with it!

Finally, we have one suggestion before you press play. You might want to volume your sound devices up, because this double supercharged Pontiac GTO is one mean machine!

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