This Guy Shows You Exactly What Double Clutch Is!

When you think about Double Clutch, you probably think about that Fast and Furious moment, but there`s a lot more to it!

Double Clutching A Car 3

When you get down to the mechanics, double clutching a car is nothing more than a simple and often automated process that will help your car run more smoothly. You start by taking your foot off the gas, pressing the clutch, putting your manual gear shift into neutral, taking your foot off the clutch, briefly pressing the gas again, then the clutch again as you shift your gear. The process ends when you take your foot off the clutch.

Double clutching a car is also much simpler when you have synchronizers in your vehicle, as they will match the speed at which your collar is moving to the speed of your engine without a second press of the clutch.

This makes the process lose a few steps – you take your foot off the gas, press the clutch, the synchronizers do their magic and then you briefly press the gas again to match your engine and your clutch.

When you let go of your clutch, you`re home free. Just make sure not to use this if your synchronizers are worn off and you`ll be good to go!

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