Ever Wondered What A Performance Clutch Is? Watch This Video And Get The Answer!

We really like informative videos like this one where certain car parts are explained in detail. The video we have for you today has the performance clutch as its topic for discussion. The more you know about your car and how its parts work, the better for you and everyone around you! Therefore, we decided to share this video, which clearly describes what a performance clutch is, how it looks like and what it does. A clutch is the device that engages the power transmission.

It can also disengage the power transmission as well. The performance clutch is a slightly different and better than the traditional clutches. There are 3 different things in the performance clutch over its traditional counterpart. These 3 differences are the clamping force of the clutch, the surface area of the disc and the material of which it`s made.

Like it is explained in the video, the performance clutch has a much bigger clamping force, enabling it to transfer more torque. The model that is explained in this video, a Yonaka 6-puck performance clutch, has an 1800lb pressure plate. This equals to a 45% increase in clamping force in comparison to the traditional clutch! This will give you 45% more torque for transferring through the clutch! This is something you would love to have if you want your car to be really fast!

The material used for making the Yonaka 6-puck performance clutch is copper ceramic. Because of it, the clutch absorbs less heat and it enables to maintain its performance at a higher temperature. You should definitely check out this video for everything else you would want to know. Everything is well explained and it will teach you a thing or two! Enjoy the video!

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