HANK From Gray Motorsports Shows LIBERTY 5 SPEED Transmission!

Dragsters require special types of transmission, i.e. separate ones. Because the transmissions used in drag cars are made especially to endure the huge amounts of horsepower and to give the best possible results. So, the video we have prepared for you today features one such special type of transmission. It is a word of LIBERTY 5 speed transmission!

Nothing more to add in the name of this transmission because it is that “simple” yet ingenious product. Hank, the car chief of Gray Motorsports, is going to give you a brief run down on this tranny. You will hear him explaining how the Liberty 5 speed transmission is used and taken care of as well.

First, you are going to hear Hank describing the use of this transmission, i.e. how the driver operates with it. What is interesting about this transmission is the fact that the driver needs to press the clutch only when the car is in first gear. After that, he/she just shifts up to fifth gear and pulls the chutes.

About the part where Hank shows how the Liberty 5-speed transmission is taken care of, he again shifts gears in order to present us the movement of the parts inside the gearbox and then lubes it with oil. He also adds that the transmission is taken out of the car after each run!

Finally, click here if you want to know more about this transmission!