Races Recorded With FLIR T620 Thermal (Infra-Red) CAMERA!

Have you ever wonder how would you feel or react if you could see things which normally cannot be seen? Such question might make you consider things like mind reading, but that is not what we really think of. We are referring to things that you can feel/touch, but you cannot see them. For instance, heat! And the following video has the task to actually show you the heat, of course from a gearhead point of view! It will take you to the other side of the pond, in the UK, to the Santa Pod raceway, which represents the “home of European Drag Racing“! So, not only you are going to see different vehicles recorded by a thermal camera, but also you are going to witness some action as well! Just as a reminder, this whole video is recorded by the FLIR T620 Thermal (Infra-Red) Camera.

We, personally, like how the tire marks look, seen from behind the object lens of the Flir T620 thermal camera! Besides the exciting drag races, seen from another perspective, you are also going to see jet cars (that`s exciting!), bike stunts, and drifting cars as well! It is amazing how much is going on everywhere around us, without being aware of it, isn`t it?

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