American Muscle VS One Of The Best European Supercars!

Now here is something that has always been an attractive and impressionable drag battle for every Gearhead out there, a race between two totally different opponents that represent the best from the territory from which they are originating. Two great legendary cars that represent two totally different approaches and philosophies of making strong and powerful vehicles, the European supercars manufacturing and the American muscle car production.

Is there anything else that one should/can expect when you have a Lamborghini and 1968 Dodge Charger on the strip, on the opposite sides, but one hell of an attractive and thrilling drag race, right? And that is exactly what you are going to see in the video below. One of the best European supercars, up against the good old American muscle! Too bad that the quality of the recording is not so great, but even more important is that the author of this clip did not bother himself to provide us with any information about the cars that are battling each other.

But anyway, we have felt sort of an obligation to show it to you, because you have to admit that it is not that often that one gets to see a drag battle between Lamborghini and Charger. So take a look at it and enjoy it.