How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car! Awesome Car Cleaning Tricks & Tips By ChrisFix!

This video is full of car cleaning tricks and tips. It`s the ultimate guide for cleaning cars. We expected nothing less from YouTuber ChrisFix who is very well known for various car videos. This cleaning process can be done on any truck or car. What he actually does is taking the paint off the vehicle and cleaning it of any contaminants. Contaminants like oils, dirt, and even wax that might be on the paint. Afterwards, he is adding a protective layer that consists of sealant. This will not only protect the surface of the paint, but it will also give it a nice looking deep mirror shine.

He already used these car cleaning tricks on all of his cars. However, he`s proudest when it comes to his 1996 Corvette paintwork. The paint that you are about to see is completely original and looks amazing! It has that incredible shine, but it`s also protected and sealed so that shine will be on that car for a long time to come. He even won different trophies at various car shows for greatest paint, using this car cleaning process. So, because he already cleaned the Corvette, he demonstrates this method on a very dirty DriftStang. To watch ChrisFix performing this miraculous method of car cleaning, check out the video below!

Here is a nice picture tutorial on how to clean your car! Follow this link.