Awesome Grandpa SHIFTING GEARS LIKE A PRO In His 1967 Ford Mustang!

Most of the times, how fast you drive is relative to your age. Most youngsters prefer driving faster, as opposed to the more careful driving from the older people. However, this isn`t always true. Some older people never let their young spirit die, and they drive like 20 year olds! This is the exactly what is happening in the video that we are showing you today! In it, you will have the pleasure of seeing an awesome grandpa driving a 1967 Ford Mustang like a pro racer! To be in your 70ies and drive like you are in you 20ies is awesome!

Not only is this awesome grandpa driving this 1967 Ford Mustang with a small block engine like a racer, he is also power shifting! Even though this video is really short, it this this senior citizen less than 10 seconds to shift through all gears! We would have loved to see a longer version of this, but this is what we will have to settle for. If this guy was younger, he would have been more famous we are sure of it! Nonetheless, we leave it to you to watch this video and see this awesome grandpa blasting his 67 Ford Mustang! Cheers!

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