That Is LOUD! Watch & Hear This OUTSTANDING Toyota Supra Rev! Music To Ears!

If there is a sound that every gearhead loves, it is the sound of the engine! There is no better way to have your engine heard than to rev it as hard as you can! This is why we are sharing this remarkable video with you guys today, so you can hear possibly the best Toyota Supra rev ever! We are certain that this rev was heard for several miles and we wish we were there to see and hear this monster! Luckily, this video here will satisfy our needs! This Supra sounds like a freaking machine gun!

Anyways, to those of you that don`t know what revving is, it is accelerating while the clutch is in neutral. Although it is not nice for the car overall, many people do it for fun and to show off how nice their engine sounds! We admit that this Toyota Supra rev is one of the best, if not THE best, we have ever heard! The huge crowd watching and filming this Supra 2JZ revving is another proof for our statement. Wait no more and press the play button on the video below so you can hear the amazing sound of the Toyota Supra rev! What do you think about it?

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