LS1 Powered Turbo JAGUAR XK-8 Smokes A Turbo Toyota SUPRA!

Supras are renowned in the racing world for being extremely fast street cars. Jaguars on the other hand, have absolutely no reputation when it comes to street racing, especially drag racing. However, in this video we look at something very uncommon. We look at a Jaguar XK-8 which on the outside looks like a sleeper but on the inside it hides something very powerful that can`t be recognized by the untrained eye. This Jag is actually fitted with a LSX 440ci engine that has a pair of turbos on top of that. This turbo Jaguar is very mad and looking for a prey.

LSX Turbo Jaguar vs Toyota Supra 11

That pray is a turbo Toyota Supra with a stock long block engine that definitely didn`t expect what happened to it. The Supra gets totally smoked by this turbo Jaguar in several roll races. There is more than enough power in that LSX for the Jaguar to simply vanish in the horizon.

We love when the underdog manages to prevail. We also love sleepers, especially when that sleeper is a brand like Jaguar. Big props for the guy who decided to turn this Jaguar into a racing monster. The Supra or the Jag, which one would you rather have in your garage?

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