Ever Wondered Why Drag Racing Clutches Are So Expensive? This One Is Made For 1800 HP Engine!

If you want to participate in a drag race, your car must be ready for the challenge! This means installing all sorts of parts that will optimize performance! One such part is the drag racing clutch! If you want your car to get to the finish line as soon as possible, your clutch has to transfer immense amounts of power to the wheels. This is where the drag racing clutch comes in hand. In the video that we are sharing with you today, it is shown how a drag racing clutch is made!

Because race cars use a manual transmission, having a clutch such as this one is an absolute MUST! Production of a drag racing clutch starts with the flywheel. This particular part connects the engine and the clutch. The aluminum part is shaped by computerized cutting tools. After it has been precisely shaped, the tools move on to carve the cover plate for the clutch.

In order for the clutch to have the correct profile and reduce its weight, the tools trim its perimeter. Afterwards, a bolt with an industrial diamond tip is used to level the friction of an iron friction disk. This is done so that the contact with other parts of the clutch is improved. Typically, there are 2 to 3 of these friction disks in a racing clutch. These clutch disks will ride against a steel insert which is positioned on the flywheel.

After this is done, a technician applies locking compound to bolts and uses these bolts to attach the two parts together. If you ask us, we would love to put a drag racing clutch in our cars, just to see the difference it would make. As for you, make sure to watch the video to see the whole drag racing clutch manufacturing process!

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