1100HP 350Z DRIFT CAR WITH A TWIN TURBO LSX ENGINE In It, Rocking & Creating Tons Of Smoke!

What more do a Gearhead need in order to feel his adrenaline rush skyrocketing, than just reading something like 1100HP 350Z drift car?! Not much more, if you ask me! And the reason is very simple. You have one of the finest `drift stock cars` in the world, the Japanese mechanical excellence, the Nissan 350Z, tuned up in one of the best garages. Which, in this case means, it`s equipped with the good old American Twin Turbo LSX motor under the hood, mated to a T56 manual transmission, and it`s boosting astonishing 1 100 HP! Oh yes! That`s the recipe for a real drift beast!

Which is why the moment we ran across the following video clip from Cleetus` Garage (Episode 5), we felt kind of obliged to show it to you right away! Because besides all of the above mentioned features of that drift monster, this isn`t just a promo video about it, but we get to see this beast in action, as it`s rocking and rolling, and creating tons of white smoke!

First, it`s Cleetus who`s getting behind the wheel of this jaw-dropping beast, and then for the second round, he gets in the passenger seat and enjoys the ride as the Nissan 350Z`s owner is demonstrating what this beast can do himself!

So, without any more unnecessary chit chats about it, just check out the video below and enjoy the show! And in a case you want to see more action videos by Cleetus` Garage, go to this link.