When we say something is a `must see` – than it is a MUST SEE! We`ve prepared another 3 videos for all of you Gearheads – hungry for American muscle cars! So, if you are all ready and prepared to see and hear the power of one legendary Buick Grand National that produces enough torque to blow your mind off – let us begin with this Twin Turbo LSX Buick!

In the first video below, you can see how the beasts sounds and looks like on the road. While watching this, you might also feel a little jealous of the owner, but let’s focus on the ride. This legendary muscle car is boosted up with 4.8 Twin Turbo LSX engine that perfectly shows its power on the video below. So first, enjoy the turbo launch and then join us to see the official DYNO results.

To watch the second video, click here.

To watch the third video, click here.