TOYOTA CROWN JZX 181 DRIFT Monster From Mother Russia!

Hello my fellow drifting aficionados. Today we have prepared for you one highly appealing drifting video from Mother Russia, that I believe will give you the proper dose of adrenaline rush. This goes double for all of the big time Toyota JZX fans, as you are about to see one model of Toyota Crown that we do not have a chance to see very often.

The only downside of the following clip is that we really do not have any information about the specs of this greatly tuned car, even though we have really tried to find some. But all of it only in Russian, and `cause we did not want to misdirect ourselves in the wrong direction, we have decided to go with what we`ve got.

And that is a great clip with this Toyota Crown JZX 181 sedan car, but in a drift version, a product of the DZ Studio, with a metallic purple paint job. You will see the car getting out of the garage, and rocking and rolling on the streets, drifting, doing burnouts…in other words, all those great things that we, the Gearheads, love and enjoy watching.

So check it out and have fun! And if you want to see many other Toyota JZX models in drifting action, click here.