Don’t Mess With A 2JZ! Toyota Supra 1700HP With A BIG Single Turbo Destroys Everyone!

This car is one of those Toyota Supras that leaves people in awe! Right when this monster feels the rush for racing, insanity erupts. If you are a Supra fan, you may`ve heard about Jimmy`s Supra. This guy constantly modifies his Supra and only the sky is the limit. Recently, his Supra reached 1700HP on the dyno, and when that huge turbo spools, nothing can match its power. Jimmy sure possess a lot of tuning knowledge which is manifested into his work. In this video, his Toyota Supra 1700HP is going up against a GTR R35, Yamaha R1 and a Yamaha R6!

At first the Supra is going up against the GTR R35. GTRs are famous for having endless traction, yet it`s no match for the Supra when that massive turbo spools. Besides the racing clips, you can also see footage from the Supra`s performance on the dyno. The soundtrack produced by this car is totally insane. If you are a Supra fan, we strongly recommend checking the YouTube channel – Jimmy Supra. Besides his recently modified Toyota Supra 1700HP there are many other crazy Supra videos that deserve recognition. Check out the video below and bask upon the great Supra in action against the GTR and both the R1 and R6!

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