NISSAN GTR Fans, Prepare For Something BIG! EKanoo Racing GTR T1 GTR R35 NEW WORLD RECORD!!! 7.168 Seconds At 209 MPH!

Seeing the one and only Nissan GTR achieving great results, is definitely not something new for GTR aficionados, but a GTR R35 new world record at 7.169 seconds, at 209 mph? Now, that`s something that couldn`t go unnoticed! Not even in the weirdest and strangest scenario!

We`re perfectly aware that someone might say that a straight-line speed isn`t really the point of the Nissan GTR, but who (in his right mind) would even dare to try to deny that this isn`t one of the (numerous) reasons why the Japanese mechanical excellence has become a favourite ride of so many Gearheads, among the drag racers?!

Unfortunately, we don`t know what are the modifications which the Bahraini tuning company EKanooRacing had done to their Nissan GTR R35 specimen, in order to make it as fast as it is. But, seeing it in action, and timing its speed, we have strong suspicions that under its unadorned body, there`s very little that has any resemblance with the regular GTR R35.

Its Quarter-Mile result of the mind-blowing 7.18 seconds at 209 mph speaks enough for itself! And as you`ll see it yourself in just a moment, the EKanooRacing GTR`s getaway is especially ferocious, and it could be clearly seen that the driver is having problems to keep it within its lane all the way to the finish line. And that speaks volumes about the power of this beast, under the hood!

But enough `talking` about it. Check out the video below, watch this amazing and legendary Quarter-Mile performance yourselves, and see what you make of it!

And if you want to see how another EKanooRacing ride, a Toyota Supra, achieves outstanding results, go to this link. It`ll be one more proof about the company`s great work!