Watch As A 1300+ Nissan GTR Boost Logic Takes Down All The 6 Monstrous Bikes On A Public Highway!

Usually, 4-digit horsepower is achieved at the cost of legality and drivability. However, the guys at Boost Logic managed to overcome this trade-off. What they made is one street-legal beast. In this video we can see their staggering Nissan GTR Boost Logic racing against six powerful bikes. The GTR is fitted with a custom made 3.8 engine and custom made transmission. The DSS axles are upgraded as well. Everything with this car that was modified was done in a way to support the immense horsepower. The immense power provided by this car is 1300HP, enough to teach six powerful bikes an important racing lesson.

Before the spectacular race, which is happening on a public highway, we get to see some very nice close-up shots of all the machines participating. One of the bikes to go up against the GTR is a stock 2015 S1000RR. The RR gets the lead right away. However, the GTR`s superior horsepower and aero help it overtake the bike. Other bikes going against the GTR Boost Logic built car are two GSX-R1000s, two 2nd Gen Hayabusas and a Honda CBR1000. Check out the video below and tell us what you think. Can these bikes defeat the GTR Boost Logic if they are more heavily tuned themselves?

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