Everyone Has Their First Time! NISSAN GTR CANYON RUN! Buckle Up!!!

Have you ever felt like you needed to clear your head and mind, and purify your thought process, after spending quite some time preoccupied with all sorts of things, so you jump behind the wheel of your ride, and just drive on?! Yes, I believe that most of us have been there. Especially because we are all a bunch of Gearheads, who love those fast as hell imports, and our beloved Detroit muscles.

As you could probably presume, the reason why I`m saying this is because of the content of the following video clip that we have prepared for you in this post. We have decided to go with this guy, who was preparing to take his awesome Nissan GTR away for some work, so he decided to take it out for a little bit of a joyride on a canyon road, and to boost up those 600 HP under the hood. What better way to do the above mentioned `thought purifying` process, than by sitting behind the wheel of the Japanese mechanical excellence, the Nissan GTR?!

We do not have the entire list of specs of this GTR beast, but its owner does a pretty good job explaining everything you`d like to know about it, and especially when it comes to driving such a powerful car on such a road that could be quite dangerous. So just check out the video and you`ll learn everything you need to know on the subject!

And in a case you`re a big time Nissan GTR aficionado, go to this link if you want to find out something about the new, 2017 GTR model.