INSANE Tire Ski Jumping Competition In JAPAN!

Just when we thought we have seen it all, we stumbled upon this ridiculous video. Get ready to watch a video of the weirdest “competition“ we have ever laid eyes upon! We are talking about a tire ski jumping competition! This weird “sport“ can be seen in Japan, and it is probably one of the best sport inventions ever!

Tire Ski Jumping Competition 7

The rules here are the same as in regular ski jumping, with the difference being in the participants! All of the jumps are made by different types of tires, and whichever tire jumps the longest wins the whole thing! In this video, there are 6 different types of tires participating in the tire ski jumping. There is regular sized tire, a sedan tire, a sports car tire, a truck tire, a tractor tire and a Formula 1 tire. These 6 types of tires went head to head in this competition, and we are lucky we found a video of the whole event!

The first jump in the tire ski jumping competition was made by the regular sized tire. It had a weight of 10.5lbs and a diameter of 20.4 inches. It was let to descend the ramp and managed to accelerate to 60mph before jumping!

The jump was 95 feet long, measured when the tire hit the ground! Next up was the sedan tire. This slightly bigger tire had a weight of 22.5lbs and a diameter of 23.8 inches. Before jumping of the ramp, it accelerated to 78mph!

Even though the speed of the sedan tire was quite faster than the regular sized tire, the jump was not nearly as good! It only managed to jump 98 feet! A bit disappointing, if you ask us.

Nonetheless, this tire ski jumping competition as a whole was INCREDIBLE! If you want to find out which tire won the whole thing, you will have to watch the video! Also, get ready for one of the most INTENSE endings EVER!

Finally, while these guys are playing with tires, we are offering