Just Shut Up & Enjoy The Ride! A 650HP NISSAN GTR POV LAUNCH CONTROL & Tunnel Run!!!

I know that at certain moments, it might sound a little bit rude and out of line, but in some situations, it is also the most appropriate thing to do. And even though in most cases, some of us are totally captivated by the power and beauty of a certain muscle monster, or a jaw-dropping import, and can`t stop praising it, sometimes one really needs to close his mouth and just enjoy that perfect ride! And a powerful and fast as hell example of the Nissan GTR, would definitely fall into this category of rides!

I guess that`s how the guy in the video felt about it as well, when he decided to present and show off his great looking and powerful Nissan GTR R35, so he just gave us the basic info, and without saying a word, demonstrated an awesome launch control and a fast ride. His Nissan GTR comes wrapped in a chrome rose gold with a satin black, it has Stage 4.25 KR 650R package by Knight Racer, that makes the ride produce 650 HP. It`s also fitted with carbon fibre front splitter and side skirts, by the same manufacturer. We mustn`t forget about the powerful Armytrix Exhaust System that gives it that powerful sound, which makes a person feel the hair on the back of his neck standing.

But, you better have a look at the video yourselves, because there`s really not much of a point in `talking` too much about it, so just check it out and enjoy this perfect ride! And in a case you want to learn a few new stuff about the 2017 Nissan GTR, go to this link.