1957 CHEVY BEL AIR WITH A 632 BIG BLOCK! A Vintage Muscle Monster That Will Leave You Breathless!

This 1957 CHEVY BEL AIR WITH A 632 BIG BLOCK, is definitely one of those cars that give you an adrenaline rush, wouldn`t you agree?

I will begin this article by saying that just as the ancient pyramids are the biggest treasure and a pleasure for the archeologists for studying, rides like the original Chevy Bel Air from 1955 to 1957 are pretty much the same thing for every vintage muscle car aficionado and enthusiast. Therefore, I will give myself the liberty to say that this is the muscle car that started the revolution in the manufacturing of the powerful Detroit muscles in the following decades…

And today we have prepared a video with one such an example, for which we believe it`ll be a real treat for all muscle car fans! As you could have read in the title, this is one greatly restored 1957 Chevy Bel Air (probably the most coveted and distinctive model in the series), with the well known twin rocket ornaments at the rear and the lower-profile hood at the front.

According to the video info, this jaw-dropping vintage Detroit muscle is powered by a 632 big block Chevy from Shafiroff, sits on an Art Morrison chassis, and it is rolling on a big and appealing 18` and 20` rims. Unfortunately, at the time being, we cannot give you other information about it, but anyway, you better check out the video and feast your eyes with this timeless beauty.

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