454 Chevrolet Engine Start & Revving Sound! SOUNDS GREAT FOR 10 YEARS OF INACTIVITY!

We have presented you numerous videos of astonishing barn finds that definitely are worth watching. The video we have for you today has something to do with barn findings but it is not a typical barn find. It is about an engine that has been sitting for more than 10 years and the owner has decided that this 454 Chevy 2-bolt main engine deserves a second chance. As expected, the 454 Chevrolet engine justified the confidence.

At first, you may think that this motor has no chances at all, due to the way it looks. The whole engine is covered in rust! However, this is an American muscle! American muscle does not give in so easily! It can withstand any test given by time! Surprisingly, this 454 Chevy engine didn`t take much time to start. In fact, it started at the first attempt. Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to adjust the volume of your sound devices in order to hear the sound of this machine.

This here folks, proves about what durability we are talking about! How powerful the American muscle machinery really is! Especially the sound when the guy is changing gears! It goes through the gears perfectly and the sound is the real proof of that! A very healthy engine indeed! The rust we previously mentioned does not bother this engine at all! In fact, it gives a pretty cool and raw style to it!

Believe us, it has plenty to offer. In addition, this 454 Chevrolet engine continued its life journey in a 1963 Chevrolet Impala, which was found by the owner of this engine in the woods! A dream combination, don`t you think?

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