Top 25 Classic Muscle Cars for Sale on!

2). 1970 Chevrolet Nova

1970 Chevy Nova SS

Next one on our Top 25 Classic Muscle Cars for Sale list is another great looking model from the  Chevy Nova line up, a model from 1970, Chevrolet Nova SS. The car has a great paint job in a metallic dark blue, same as the color of the rally wheels and BF Goodrich T/A radials. Inside, the bench seats and dashboard are in black color, which suits perfectly with the exterior colors. Under the hood of this 1970 Chevrolet Nova SS there is a 350 small block Chevy engine, controlled by an auto transmission. It is a perfect muscle car with whom you can get the taste of a real racer, but you can also use it as a domestic, family car.

The price is $ 36 900!

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