Top 25 Classic Muscle Cars for Sale on!

5). 1972 De-Tomaso Pantera


This 1972 Pantera is in ownership of Alejandro De Tomaso, a guy who is swimming in deep waters when it comes to love for race, and sports & muscle cars. The car was purposely built and officially introduced in 1972 for the FIA’s Group 4 category, to become a serious opponent for other race cars like Porsche and Ferrari. German manufacturers were so much concerned and upset from the arrival of this car on the stage, so they started to make some sneaky deals with FIA, using their influence at this organization to force them to change certain rules in order to take 1972 Pantera out of competition. It has a sexy Sky Blue Metallic paint job, with 351 C engine under the hood, black leather interior, with only 12 500 miles behind and it can be yours for 125 000 K.

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