Top 25 Classic Muscle Cars for Sale on!

7). 1968 Ford Mustang GT 500

'68 Mustang

I bet that first thought that came to you after seeing the pics of this car was Eleanor from “Gone in 60 Seconds”. If that was really the case, tham I must say that you are not very far from what we actually have here as an opportunity. So it is not actually the famous `actress` from the famous Hollywood blockbuster, but just as same as it was. It is completely restored and overdone `68 Ford  Mustang Shelby GT 500, controlled with a six speed manual transmission without even one detail being overlooked by the awesome team of people that were working on it. This is really rare opportunity to become a proud owner of this magnificent `Stang, that can be yours, for no more nor less, but 165 880 bucks. The number is (888) 639-0821 in Beverly Hills, California.

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