Dramatic 2007 Ford Mustang Eleanor Edition By RK Motors!

Since its launch, the Ford Mustang is known as one of the greatest movie cars. One of the most significant  “theater” Mustangs was the Eleanor in the remake 2000 of “Gone in Sixty Seconds”. The Eleanor known from the film was a  Shelby Mustang GT 500 from  1967, but the road now is filled with copies and remakes of that classic machine. If you are in need of a modern 2007 Ford Mustang Eleanor GT500 , I know just the right where you can find one; RK Motors in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This very Mustang is a model from 2007 with a host of optical and performance upgrades. From the supercharged V-8 dumping about 500 horsepower against those behind wheels to the glimmer  of that Satin Silver paint, this is machine cannot be missed.



The 2007 Ford Mustang Eleanor has a lot of extra visual benefits so that everyone can  see how unique it is. You can sense the aggressive touch that isn`t excessive by noticing the full body kit front to back. The behind of the vehicle has an awesome ducktail spoiler that most suitably fits with the total design. There is nothing specifically at the back, as this Mustang has changed its exhaust tips to the side of the vehicle . The dual oval exhausts exit just fore of the behind wheels.


The interior of this 2007 Ford Mustang Eleanor hasn`t been a lot modified. The Mustang buckets covered in black leather that come along with the vehicle are standard. The steering wheel accents and the dash are silver as well as the exterior paint. The awesome part of the interior is the white cue-ball Hurst shifter. The pedals are Saleen units, there are Mustang-branded kick plates on the sills and a Clarion touch screen unit is put instead of a stereo.


Under the hood the horsepower was priority Number One, because the 4.6 liter V-8 wasn`t quite a fire breather.  Open the bonnet and the first thing that will pop in front of you is a Saleen VI supercharger pinned to a Forged block from Ford Racing. Helping to keep that engine filled with fuel and air is a cold air intake and a twin, sixty-five mm GT500 throttle body.

As known from RK Motors, the vehicle  has produced 482 horsepower and 485 pound-feet at the dyno — 182 horsepower and 165 pound feet more than the 4.6 liter in the Mustang GT 2007. On our great disappointment the transmission only has 5 forward gears, but it still has 3 pedals so I so this little misstep can be forgiven.

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