Top 10 Crazy Car Builds Converted From FWD/AWD To RWD!

These crazy car builds prove that everything is possible. One thing is that it’s pretty difficult to convert a car from AWD to RWD. However, it also depends on the car model and the structure of the car. For some it`s hard but for some nearly impossible. Nevertheless, these car builds for sure had some ingenious minds working behind them who managed to convert them from AWD to RWD and now they are all ready for some insane drifting. The first on this list is Honda Del Sol.┬áIts turbo engines was moved to the rear and it`s a mid-engine car now which produces 420HP.

Top 10 Crazy Car Builds 2

Up next you can see an Audi A4 B5 with unfortunately unknown specs but now it`s successfully RWD converted and ready for drifting. Next, you can see a VW Golf MK1 tuned to deliver staggering 376HP! Elsewhere you can see a Subaru Impreza that`s been fitted with a V10 BMW M5 E60 engine, RWD converted of course, and drifting around a track like a beast. However, what grasped our attention the most is one pretty awesome sleeper that comes in the form of a 1981 VW Caddy which has been RWD converted and fitted with a 5.4L V8 engine.

Up next, you can see something more professional like an Audi V8 DTM which has been RWD converted to execute the track with some awesome drifting. The rest of the cars featured in this crazy car builds list is a Mitsubishi Eclipse, VW Golf Mk3 producing 443HP and a VW Passat B5 fitted with a 4.0 W8 engine. All of these cars are RWD converted, of course.

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