Work Smarter, Not Harder! Ingenious Way Of Harvesting Cherries! You Have To See This!

It is cherry harvesting season, and farmers around the world are working on their cherry fields! The video we are sharing with you today shows us an ingenious way of harvesting cherries! Whoever thought of this deserves a medal! The process is quite simple actually. Cherries grow on trees and need to be picked when they are ripen. The most common and traditional way of collecting the cherries is by picking them from the tree directly.

However, someone thought this to be too much work! In order to sharply reduce the time needed for picking the cherries, a new way of collecting them was developed! It is really simple. Two people put a special “carpet” underneath the tree. With that being done, a mechanical arm is attached to the tree, which shakes the tree vigorously! There is no need for extra people because all the work is done by the machine!

After the tree is shaken, the cherries fall on the ground, or in this case, on the platform that was put beneath the cherry tree. This platform is connected to a conveyor system, and all that is left for the workers is to withdraw the “carpet”! The cherries fall onto the conveyor that moves them to plastic crates! With that being done, the cherries are ready for the market! We have to admit that this way of harvesting cherries is really clever!

What makes this even better is the fact that this harvesting process is not limited only to cherries! Pretty much any small fruit that grows on trees can be harvested by using this method! If you are a farmer yourself, and harvesting season is knocking on your door, then we advise you to check out this video! It might be the answer to your harvesting problems!

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