Simple Tips To Make Sharper Turns With Your Car!

There are numerous modifications people do to their cars, but most of them are concerned with the look and appearance of the car, rather than the actual usability. There is so much more you can change in your car to make it perform better. Hereby, we take a look at this brilliant tutorial by one of our favorite YouTube channels, ChrisFix, who explains how you can adjust your car to make sharper turns. It is a simple fix but the difference is massive. This is going to enable you to make much sharper turns on tight and narrow places, such as parking lots.

Make Sharper Turns 2

First of all we check out the steering angle before the modification, so we can make a comparison and see the difference. The car has to be jacked up and secured in place, hence make sure it will not move. Then we need to locate the steering rack. It runs in front of the vehicle. This steering rack pushes the wheels upwards and backwards, which is basically how the wheels turn. Inside the rack you are going to find a spacer that simply blocks the wheels from over turning.

Next, disassemble the steering rack carefully and make sure you do not damage anything. All you have to do now is to carefully take the spacer off, and in just matter of minutes this awesome modification is done. Afterwards, just make sure that the wheel does not touch any part of the car. What do you think about it?

Lastly, if you want to learn how a Manual Steering Rack is installed on a Ford Fox Body, follow this link!