How To REWRAP A Steering WHEEL Under $50!

Check out this amazing video on how to REWRAP a steering WHEEL under $50!


This is really a great video. This young lady will show you how to Rewrap a steering wheel for less than $50. Actually, you will need to buy a inexpensive material from ebay or from some another online shop and you can start with the process. She will also show you how you can customize the wrapping to your liking and how you can choose different colors of material and thread.

However, you will need to have in mind that process needs sewing. So, you should make sure that you will practice before you start to rewrap you steering wheel, because once the little holes are made on the material, you can not cover them.
As can be notice the steering wheel used in this video clip is from a BMW M3 E46  and the final results are amazing.

So, we suggest to watch this video several time, to practice the sewing on a material that will be not used for the steering wheel. So, after you think you are ready, you can start rewraping your steering wheel.

Have you ever tried to rewrap your steering wheel? Would you dare to try this process?

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