Ever Wondered How A Modern F1 Steering Wheel Works? Awesome Explanation By A McLaren Honda Engineer!

How A Modern F1 Steering Wheel Works 2

The modern F1 car is one of the most fascinating machines ever made. So, when you are racing wheel-to-wheel with a four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel at 200 mph, you just can`t take your hand off the steering wheel to do anything. Having said that, every task an F1 driver has to do, every piece of information he need to know, has to be at his fingertips. That`s why the modern F1 steering wheel is the most fascinating ever made. That`s why it can be said that the F1 steering wheel is one of the most crucial components in the car, something like the nervous system in a human`s body.

In this one, we have a mind-blowing explanation by a McLaren Honda engineer who gives a full rundown of how the modern F1 steering wheel works. It has a big screen that shows gears, deployment, oil, water temperature etc. It also has many buttons for changing different parameters like engine mapping, differential settings, fuel mapping and all those sort of things. The differential settings are changed depending on what tires are being run. There is also a special overtaking button which is better known as the Drag Reduction System. However, every team`s steering wheel is slightly different depending on the car`s characteristics.

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Ever wondered just how an F1 steering wheel works? Check out this mind-blowing 'tutorial' on FernandoAlonsoOficial's wheel live from the McLaren-Honda garage.

Posted by CarAdvice.com on Friday, March 24, 2017