Crazy Steering Wheel! Anyone Know What’s Wrong With This Guy’s Car?!

We stumbled upon a video that features an Opel with a crazy steering wheel that looks like it`s possessed. Maybe a demon possessed this car? As people of science, we doubt that. Nevertheless, it does look pretty strange. However, there is bound to be a logical explanation to this problem and a solution as well. We have seen a steering wheel going back and forth by itself. Not so rapidly though. As a website specialized for muscle cars, we don`t have much experience with the Opel brand as well. Having said that, we can`t say where exactly the problem lies.

However, we will do our best to give a quick guess. There are many vehicles that are fitted with electric steering. So, in every car fitted with an electric steering there is also a bypass valve. The bypass valve allows the extra fluid to make its way back to the reservoir. However, sometimes due to various problems it fails to do so. The result is a demon possessed crazy steering wheel. We think the precise model of this Opel car is an Omega R Vectra. Watch the video below, and give this guy a shout if you have a fix for this creepy problem.

Finally, here is a website where you can diagnose your car issues!

Anyone know what's wrong with my car?

Posted by Uptrend Engineering & Construction on Wednesday, May 4, 2016