Want To Get A Brand New Steering Wheel Without Buying One? Restore It To Look New!

When we talk about car parts, probably the last thing on our mind is the part that we use the most in a car, the steering wheel! After some time, it will start looking worn out, and nobody really buys a brand new steering wheel. However, there is a way to restore the steering wheel and make it look new! In order to restore it, you will have to take it out first. Make sure it is in locked position before proceeding. Disconnect the power and wait some 10 minutes to make sure there is no power going to the air bag in the steering wheel.

On most cars, there are two bolts on the side of the steering wheel which are protected with a trim piece that is easily removable. After the bolts have been removed, you can carefully remove the air bag, but don`t pull too hard because it can still go off! Remove both wires for the air bag and controls on the steering wheel. Afterwards, you will have to remove one bolt which is right in the center of the steering wheel. If you want to find out how to get a brand new steering wheel without buying one, watch the video below to see the whole procedure! Enjoy!

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