This Futuristic BMW Motorcycle Includes Semi-Autonomous Steering & Self-Balancing Wheels! Say Hello To The Vision Next 100!

Autonomous driving is inevitable when it comes to the automotive world of tomorrow. Motorcycle are no exception. In this video, you`ll see how BMW imagines the motorcycle of the future. This futuristic BMW motorcycle concept is called Vision Next 100. It definitely embodies BMW`s big dreams for the bikes of tomorrow. This amazing concept includes some very bold ideas. One of them is that riders would not need helmets or protective clothing while riding this motorcycle. How would that be possible you imagine? Well, sensors will communicate with other vehicles and automatically avoid crashes. Alerts will be projected on the road through the visor as well.

The display of this futuristic BMW Motorcycle is very fascinating. It would be activated by head and eye movements. It will include self-balancing wheels. That means you won`t even have to put your feet down when you stop. Even though this zero-emission, carbon fiber bike is futuristic, it still references motorcycles of day past. Designers incorporated shapes from the first ever BMW motorcycle. Then streamlined the body to create a new look. However, for now all of this technology is hypothetical. So, we would advise you to hold on to your helmet for the time being. Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

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