EPIC MOTORCYCLE Adrenaline Rush on the HIGHWAY! BMW 1000 vs Honda Repsol CBR 1000!

After watching this video, we had only one thing in mind. This is the perfect visual representation of how some people drive when they are late for work! However, these guys are definitely not rushing anywhere. They are just having a friendly and somewhat dangerous motorcycle race on the highway! If you are a fan of races, you will really like this. If you are a fan of races AND motorcycles however, then you have found the Holy Grail!

Get ready to see one of the most amazing bike races ever recorded! On one hand, we have a BMW 1000, a sport bike that earlier was made solely for racing, but now, this bike is in commercial production. On the other hand, we have a Honda Repsol CBR 1000, a well-known racing bike that is known in certain countries by its nickname “Fireblade”.

This whole showdown is filmed from the BMW 1000 driver`s point of view, and we have to say that is looks astonishing. After 20 seconds or so, he passes a few vehicles with great ease, including other two bikes. However, at the front of this `group` of vehicles was the Honda Repsol CBR 1000, and after the BMW 1000 overtook it, the show started. Both of them immediately started accelerating and “marked” the beginning of the race! The BMW 1000 was going around 185mph on a two-lane highway (or three, if you count the slow lane as well).

Judging by the way they ride their bikes, these guys are definitely professionals. Nonetheless, it is still really dangerous to ride a bike that fast! We are not here to judge though. Our goal here is to share this incredible video with everyone here, so you can see how an incredible highway bike race looks like!

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