The Rimac Electric Bike – 150 MILES With Just A Single Charge! FUTURE IS NOW?

The Croatian-based Rimac Automobili has unveiled their new electric bicycle. We got to say that is just as fascinating as the manufacturer`s mega-luxurious Concept One supercar. Last year, the Croatian manufacturer revealed its second-gen e-bike – Greyp G12S. However, the latest model is way more fascinating. Fitted with a vast 3kWh battery, the Rimac electric bike which is named Greyp G12H can run up to 150 miles on just a single charge. This makes it the longest range electric bicycle out there. Each ten miles would cost you around 2.3 cents which makes it the cheapest motor powered transportation as well.

However, when we say cheap we mean energy consumption. Rimac Automobili has not announced the price tag but the G12S which has a shorter range at 75 miles but a bit faster at 44mph costs around $9,400. The latest model has a top speed of 28 mph which is pretty fascinating as well. Although it might be a bit slower, we doubt that it`s going to be cheaper than the former model. The G12S weighs around 107 pounds. We think that it is possible the new model to weigh even less. Other features included in the latest Rimac electric bike are a custom rack, “Supernova” lights, and a biometric sensor to run the bike.

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