Meet The GM Aerotrain! A Futuristic Train That Looks Like It Has Got Out Of A 1950’s Sci-fi Movie!

Travelling by train is one of the cheapest ways of getting from on point to another. With this thought in mind, General Motors started developing a train that will compete with automobiles and airplanes! The final result was the GM Aerotrain. This futuristic looking train was built in 1955, and only several units were ever made! We have not one, not two, but three videos of the GM Aerotrain!

The first video was taken in St. Louis, Missouri and it shows us the #3 GM Aerotrain. It is well preserved and shown from up close. It was initially built with a new light-weight construction and it had a low center of gravity. Also, it was powered by 1200 horsepower locomotives. Although it was initially built for mainline service, it proved to be problematic. It rode poorly at high speeds and it was very noisy as well! The #3 GM Aerotrain operated until 1965, and the locomotive and two cars were donated in 1966. Not a bad idea to donate old cars to Charity.

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