AIRPLANE Makes Emergency Landing On Top Of A JEEP!

Imagine that you are casually driving on the highway when all of a sudden a plane is emergency landing right behind you. You might think that it is an unrealistic scenario, but this guy shows you how to handle it like a boss. With a little help from his strong vehicle, of course, in this case a Jeep.

For a little while there, the car “races” with the plane and it is doing a very good job. It keeps pace and you cannot help but wonder how fast this car is going. Apparently if you push it to its limits, it can do such incredible stuff such as racing with a large plane. Impressive!

On top of that, this car is so strong that it manages to carry a large mass on its top without breaking a sweat. It truly show no sign of weaknesses once the plane lands on it and this guy is truly lucky to have it. Furthermore, he successfully passes by an old lady cruising slowly in her old-timer, despite the weight that he is under. In the end he managed to slow down without causing havoc on the highway, a major coup under such unreal circumstances. Kudos to you and your fabulous video sir. This

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