Out of all videos we have ever watched, this one is among the videos that make us roll on the floor laughing! You will figure out what we are talking about after you press play, but first read what we have to tell you about it. If you want, of course. Anyway, in this footage you are going to watch an extremely cool electric scooter for elderly people which accelerates and sounds like a muscle car! Frankly, it sounds better than most cars and bikes!

Sadly, we don`t know what kind of upgrades this device underwent, but we would be very happy if you could enlighten us! Additionally, we would like to give you an idea of how to show this video to others! Turn up the volume of your speakers, and just let them hear the sound of this electric scooter!

We guarantee that they will never guess that it is a word of an electric scooter for elderly judging only by the sound they hear!

And one more thing, if you happen to have such cool electric scooter in your possession don`t modify it without notifying the person using it! Or if you want to do so after all, buy another one! Let the elderly drive their stock.’

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