Cold Start Diesel Engine With Various Import Car Brands! Which One Is The Best?!

Now, when winter is in a full swing, it`s more than essential to know the little tricks when dealing with a cold start diesel engine. This is not only essential for the time being, but also for the years to come if you want your engine to be in working order. First, you should never underestimate the warm-up time. Giving your extremely cold diesel engine some time to get warm is essential. Second, all heating options should be considered. Third, your exhaust fluid should always be thawed. Fifth, frozen fuel needs to be taken care of. If your fuel is gelled together or frozen, the fuel needs to be warmed and the fuel filter changed before starting the engine.

Last but not least, make sure to keep your fuel tank full when dealing with cold weather. The Condensation in the tank can freeze and cause you many problems. So, for this purpose we share with you a very interesting compilation of various import brands starting their engine in an extremely cold weather. It`s always interesting to see how various brands deal with cold weather in their own respective ways. However, take in mind that there is a big difference between wet and dry cold temperatures. For example, if it is a -13 Fahrenheit in a damp/cold weather, your engine should do better than in a 23 Fahrenheit dry cold weather. Take a look at the video and tell us your thoughts. Which cold start diesel engine was the smoothest?

Finally, if you own an old car you know the issues when it comes to start it, here is the procedure for it!