Shooting Flames, Shredding Tires, Driving Sideways and Much More – NISSAN SKYLINE R33 SOUND COMPILATION 2016!!!

All of us, on the both sides of the, like the one and only Nissan GTR! The best thing on four wheels that has come out from Japan! We love it, and you enjoy watching it in action, which is why we are constantly showing you various videos of it. Whether it is the Nissan GTR R35, or some of the Skyline GTRs, the R32, the R33, or the R34, every time we come across an interesting and exciting clip with any GTR model, we hurry up to show it to you as soon as possible!

And that`s the reason why our Nissan GTR section is full with all kinds of clips, showing us this awesome ride in action. However, today we have decided for something a little bit different, a compilation of some of the best moments of the Nissan Skyline GTR R33 that we had seen in the 2016 videos, put together in one place.

So, if you are a Nissan GTR fan, and want to see the jaw-dropping Skyline GTR R33 model shooting flames, going wild on the streets, drifting and shredding tires, setting the strip on fire and going insanely fast, and much, much more, you`re going to enjoy the following 11 minutes!

Therefore, I won`t bother you with any more unnecessary chit chats about it, but will leave you to simply check out the video and have fun! And if you want to read an interesting GTR article about the fastest Nissan vehicles, click here.