Tesla P100D Drag Races Some Muscle Cars & The Result Is Surprising!

When you think of any electric car such as a Tesla, you don`t put it in the context of drag racing, right? Well, this little Tesla P100D races some muscle cars and proves everyone wrong! This guy drove his Tesla to the drag races and asked to participate and people laughed it off, but when that electric engine started revving up and beating cars one by one, nobody was laughing anymore. Instead, they all chose to take the Tesla seriously and we can see that while some cars are easily beaten, others give a little more resistance to the power of the Tesla.

He races a Twin Turbo Coyote Mustang and up until the last second, nobody knows who the winner is, but it turns out the Tesla has been finally bested. However, this P100D races fast enough to give all of the other cars a run for their money. Cars that have been worked on for years and have been built specifically for drag racing are left surprised when the Tesla racks up a score almost as good as them, or even better. Just goes to show, electric cars are not to be disregarded when it comes to drag racing.

At last, check out the Tesla P100D as it sets the ΒΌ mile record!