This Train Horn Car Makes For One Hilarious Prank! Train Horn Mounted On A Very Small Electric Car!

The train horn trick is a classic prank. It may be old, but we can safely say that it will never get stale. In this video, we can see a very small electric vehicle, the type of which you would never think it can make more sound than a field mouse. However, that is exactly what these pranksters want you to believe. They have fixed the low horn sound problem with electric cars by fitting it with a train horn! Now they are using that small electric train horn car to be a real menace to society. No one expected that from a small car like this.

This prank is made by Ylvis which is a comedic duo from Norway. They have appeared in many comedy concerts, variety shows and radio shows. However, they are mostly known for their music video “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)”, which vent viral with more than 600 million views on YouTube. In this train horn car prank, you`ll see groups of people totally scared and confused by the noise this small buddy electric car is producing. Ylvis are having a blast and laughing all the time while doing this crazy trolling on everybody. Make sure to watch the video below and tell us your thoughts about this trickery.

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