The LAPD Will Get 100 i3 BMW Electric Cars!

i3 BMW Electric 3
BMW North America reported on Wednesday that it will provide the LAPD with 100 i3 BMW electric cars! However, these small vehicles won`t be used for hot pursuits but only for transport and community outreach.

i3 BMW Electric 1

In a field trial BMW managed to defeat some other electric vehicles. The i3 won the field trial because of its drivetrain efficiency, reliability and fleet management. The i3 BMW electric car also has a tight turning radius and a short wheelbase. This is very beneficial in the traffic filled streets of Los Angeles.

The i3 comes at a price of $42,000 so the cars are not cheap at all. But four DC fast chargers and 100 level 2 chargers will be provided to the LAPD. Also refueling costs will be pretty low.