$1MILLION: 1000HP 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Called Vicious With TWIN TURBOS & A SUPERCHARGER!

When a car manages to grasp Jay Leno`s attention, you know that it has to be some top-notch machinery. In this episode of Jay Leno`s Garage, you have the opportunity to see one crazy 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback that is so far from stock is hilarious! This is a car no one can hate. Whether you are a proponent of Ford or Chevrolet, Car or Truck, Domestic or Import, you`ll simply fall in love with this muscle car. Jason Pecikonis and Timeless Kustoms have invested around $1 million and 10,000 hours with the sole purpose of converting this `65 Mustang coupe into a muscle car that has definitely earned the name – Vicious!

This car, which has garnered the attention of Jay Leno and many other gearheads around the globe is far from a traditional build. In fact, besides having a Ford engine under the hood, Timeless Kustoms has taken many creative liberties along the way. Some of these creative liberties is throwing a supercharger and a set of turbos into the mix. This 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback is now right into the midst of modern sports cars. This car is now transformed into a vicious beast that people would dread meeting at the dragstrip. Take a walk with Jay Leno and check out this amazing product in the video below!

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