Check Out One Of The Most Impressive Specimens Of ‘Stang Fleet At 2016 SEMA SHOW! MRT FORD MUSTANG SPORT TOURING!

Although I`m a big time Mopar fan, I have got to be completely honest with you (as always), and admit that the Ford Mustang fleet was one of the biggest stars of this year`s SEMA show in Vegas. All of their specimens, displayed at the show, were so insanely stunning, they attracted people from everywhere! People who were not even planning to spend so much time watching the most famous American pony car. I should know best, `cause I was one of them!

And amongst the entire jaw-dropping fleet of gorgeous Mustangs, the one that you`re going to see in the following clip, that we have filmed at SEMA, was probably the most impressive specimen. It`s the new MRT Ford Mustang Sport Touring, with a carbon fiber hood.

This pony is a product of the same company that made that 1970 Dodge Charger beast, with a monster under the hood that generates 1 650 HP. And this babe isn`t that far behind as well. It is equipped with a supercharger, as an addition of the 5.0 litre V8 engine, that`s boosting 825 HP.

So, without too much chit chatting about it, just have a look at the video below, and see this insanely cool beast yourselves. And for those of you who want to see the other Ford Mustangs that were shown at the 2016 SEMA, go to this link.