As true and hardcore American muscle car aficionados, we, at the, were completely out of our minds when we saw this red Dodge HEMI Challenger Wide Body, by Classic Design Concept, with Forgiato wheels. Wandering at the 2016 SEMA show, and going from one place to another, classic Gearheads like us, can really get carried away. But once we see such a breathtaking Mopar beauty, like this 2016 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack, we felt as if some magic was spilled upon us.

Starting from its highly appealing red paint job, the Forgiato wheels that give it even a shaper edge, the wide body that speaks more than enough about its power, and the body design that brings us back into the period of the classic Mopars, this HEMI Hellcat had to be one of the most impressive custom built Detroit muscles at the show!

But, talk is talk, and walk is walk! So, just have a look at the video below, and see what we`re trying to say. And if you want to read an interesting article about the ten coolest Mopars at this year`s SEMA show (including this one), go to this link.