Ultimate TUG Of WAR: Chevrolet C10 Truck vs Ford Truck! Place Your Bets Now!

The Tug Of War represents the ultimate test of traction, strength and the overall capabilities of a truck. In this one, we got the ultimate battle and rivalry between Chevy and Ford. You can see Chevrolet C10 truck going against a Ford truck which we can`t quite tell the model. For all of you Chevy fans, this video would be a blast, we can`t tell the same for Ford fans. However, to be fair to the Ford, the Chevy looks like it`s invested a lot of bucks in it, but we can`t be sure that the Ford isn`t highly tuned as well.

This Chevrolet C10 truck really is a beast. It`s a 1986 model which packs a stroked 505 engine underneath its hood that probably delivers more than 400HP. All of that power is handled by a Th400 205 transfer case. And it also has front and rear differential lockers. This beast probably weighs around a ton. The color is a beautiful International harvester red. Just like in the song by Toby Keith -- Big Ol’ Truck! This build really is inspiring and this guy built it all by himself. A real mad scientist gearhead. Check out the cool tug of war battle and tell us what you think. Is the Ford stock or not?

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