The Real Redneck Playground Monster Truck Tug of War! Monster Limo vs Dodge Ram 4500!

Monster Truck Tug of War -- the ultimate redneck playground! One chain and two colossal trucks with amazing traction! And, the ego is huge here in this type of battles. Because, when it comes to your truck`s pulling capabilities there is no bigger test than the good old fashioned tug of war!

In these Monster Truck Tug of war competitions we may guess who the winner will be by just looking at the trucks. But in this redneck playground something extraordinary happened. A vehicle that looks more like out of a Mad Max movie than the real world. We have a redneck limo!!

Yeah, Limo! This is the outcome when a redneck gets a healthy salary and has a degree in engineering! You get a limo that is made for off-road with outstanding pulling capabilities. This just has to be one of the most fascinating builds we have ever seen! This limo got hellish power under its hood!

In the final duel of this redneck playground we have the Limo against a red Dodge Ram 4500! We are not sure if the Dodge is street legal though. Let us see how the Mad Max Limo will fair against the Dodge in this redneck playground as we jump to the final duel.

Around 20 other enthusiasts are quickly climbing onto the back of the Dodge Ram to provide traction assistance. And you should never underestimate the traction that is provided by 20 beer filled truckers!

Massive black Smoke everywhere! We can see the Limo is having difficulties. The Mad Max Limo is putting up a good fight but the Dodge with that awesome assisted traction is an unstoppable force! The Limo is trying everything, fighting very bravely to the very end. Kicking and biting with all the post-apocalyptic force it can muster. But the Mad Max Monster Limo that has no assistance is just no match for the Ram! What a show we have here in this monster truck Tug of War!

Make sure to see the video because there are other monster truck tug of war duels before the final duel. And congratulations to the Limo for its unassisted wins.

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