Ludicrous Heavy DIESEL TRUCKS TUG OF WAR Champs! Must Watch!

We just love Tug of War battles, especially when it`s between such colossal monster trucks as these ones in the video. A tug of war between heavy diesel trucks is a demonstration of pure raw power, fighting with their massive strength and magnitude, an honest battle between two colossal monster trucks! And we got just that in this video where two heavy diesel monster trucks are fighting it out, burning fuel, showing a very tense battle! We can say this is a clash of two very powerful Titans.

And when the heavy diesel trucks battle starts we can see a lot of black smoke around, the aftermath of a wonderful battle. The black smoke is so massive that the winner of the monster truck tug of war, the green one is not quite green anymore because of all that black smoke. What a great start of this amazing tug of war heavyweight diesel truck monster event. Next, we move up to the next part of this amazing competition where the blue one gives a nice push, a really great push but the blue one just can`t compete with the colossal titan that is the green one. So the green one snatches the victory over the blue one once again.

Let`s see what these heavyweight diesel truck titans lead us next. We even got a more powerful truck up next. Let`s call it yellow just for convenience. At first, we can see Green doing fine with towing Yellow though it was probably just a test because up next Yellow becomes very fierce. We see that Yellow begins with his towing capabilities and what we can see is just out of this world. The yellow truck tows the green monster as it was only fun and games for him.

What we got next is quite a thriller show at the heavy diesel trucks battle. Yellow rips of Green as is nobody`s business. We can see a lot of black smoke coming out of green, but yellow manages to humiliate him in a very big way. It`s amazing how much different it turned out in the second round between Yellow and Green. Poor Green.
Up next we start with a different kind of a tug war, let`s see the aftermath of this strange battle. We start with the heavy diesel truck on the right, who pushes and pushes, bites with gritted teeth with its engine and wheels. A lot of fumes come out, the drivers bounce and have a lot of fun but unfortunately we have no victor this time. Next round same fight, but the one on left snatches the victory.

At the deciding finale between the heavy diesel truck on the right and the one on the left, Righty really gives everything he got but he just can`t get there and the one on the left takes it again.
Up next everything doesn`t go as planned and tragedy was close to happen where Green shoved Red out of the road and close to some people. It was just too much.
Except the little safety concern at the end it must have been a real treat for all the spectators there who witnessed this amazing heavy diesel trucks tug of war competition.

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